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Please visit the Singapore Turf Club’s website at, ‘Privacy Statement’ for further details on the Singapore Turf Club’s data protection policy, including how you may access and correct your personal data or withdraw consent to the collection, use or disclosure of your personal data.

I consent to receive marketing, advertising and promotional information from the Singapore Turf Club and any third party service providers/suppliers/vendors engaged by or working in collaboration with the Singapore Turf Club (“Partners”), in relation to promotions, events, deals and/or services being offered or made available to me via the following mode(s) of communication as indicated below:

I declare that I am not under 21 years of age and have never been refused owner registration by any racing club.

I here by agree that, by making this application and if so approved, I shall be bound by the Rules, Regulations and Notices of the Malayan Racing Association and the Associated Clubs, as may be from time to time amended or added. I further understand that it is my responsibility to ensure and maintain my familiarity with the said Rules, Regulations and Notices, as may be from time to time amended or added. By reason thereof, I understand that a copy of the MRA Rules book could be purchased at the MRA Secretariat Offices located at the Mines Resort City, Kuala Lumpur(Malaysia) or Singapore Turf Club and/or downloaded from the MRA Website at to familiarise myself and keep abreast with the Rules, Regulations and Notices of the Malayan Racing Association, as may be from time to time amended or added.

I understand that an Owner who no longer has any registered horse shall return his/her owner badge to MRA. A refund will be made on a pro-rated basis of S$38.00 or RM95.00 per month for the remaining mopnths of his/her current subscription, provided that the badge is surrendered within 3 month of the de-registration of his/her horse.

I holder of NRIC/Passport No. , confirm that the above information which I have provided in respect of my application to be registered as an owner member with the MRA is true and correct.

A fee of SGD456 / SGD436 (For Club Members) is applicable. Upon submission of this form, you will be directed to PayPal to make the payment.