Owners Registration Criteria
  • Applicants for registration as Owners must be above 21 years of age. They should be in good financial standing and are not bankrupt.
  • Applicants are required to confirm that:
    • they do not have any criminal record at the time of application;
    • the information stated in the application is true and correct.
  • A person who has a record of disqualification under MRA Rules of Racing and Regulations shall not be registered;
  • A person whose application is not recommended by the Associated Club nearest to his place of residence as shown in his National Registration Identity Card or Passport, may not be registered;
  • Any person who does not authorise or give consent to the Association to check on his relevant records or to seek other information relevant to the application, shall not be registered.
  • Every Owner shall race horses in his own name as found in his passport unless he has an assumed name registered under these Rules.
  • No Owner shall race his horse in any other Owner’s name or colours.
  • A transfer of ownership will be registered only if the application is accompanied by a confirmation from its Trainer that no training fees are owed by the Owner.1
  • The Owner registration fee must be paid to the Association in January of each year.1
  • If an Owner does not pay his registration fee by 31st January of each year, the Secretary will give him a written notice requesting for payment. If it is not paid by 28th February of that year, his name will be placed on the FORFEIT LIST.1
  • Managers are responsible for their partners registration fees and if these are unpaid by 28th February of any year, horses solely or jointly owned by members of such partnerships will not be accepted or declared for any race.1
  • An Owner who is also an Ordinary Member of any of the Associated Clubs can deduct S$20/RM50 from the registration fee for each Associated Club which he belongs to.1
  • An Owner who is an Ordinary Member of all the Associated Clubs is exempted from paying any registration fee to the Association.1
  • A registered Owner who subsequently has no registered horse must return his 'Owner Badge' to the Association. A refund on a monthly pro-rated basis for the remaining months of his current annual registration fee will be made provided that his badge is surrendered within three months of the de-registration of his horse.1
  • An Owner wishing to withdraw his registration must notify the Secretary of the Association in writing, failing which he is liable for a year's fee.1
Recognised Horse Ownership
  • Only the following categories of horse ownership are registered under MRA:
    • Individual owner
    • Partnership
    • Recognised Company
    • Syndicate
    • Leases
Any person who applies to register horse ownership in more than one of the above categories shall disclose this to the Association at the time of the additional application.

  • An application for the registration of ownership of a horse shall be made to the Association on the prescribed form, and accompanied by the required fee as determined by the Committee.
  • The status of registered ownership is effective from the date on which the applicant is notified that the ownership has been approved by the Committee. No horse may be entered to race until its ownership has been registered.
  • The Committee may, at its discretion, register or refuse to register any application for ownership, or cancel any ownership without assigning any reason.
For more information on the categories of horse ownership, please refer to Rules of Racing (60-64).