Naming of Horses
Naming of Horses
As a guide, the following names of horses will not be accepted for registration with the Association:
  • In the case of all horses registered with the Association, within the five (5) years after their death, or before they reach twenty (20) years of age, whichever occurs first.
  • Names which appear on the International List of Protected Names.
  • Names which have more than eighteen (18) characters, including signs or spaces.
  • The name of a public person, without that person's or the family's permission.
  • Names which are followed by numbers.
  • Names which are made up of initials or figures.
  • Names which are suggestive or whose meaning, pronunciation or spelling may be construed as vulgar, obscene or insulting or names considered in poor taste or names that may be offensive to religious, political or ethnic groups.1
  • Names where the spelling or pronunciation of which, are unacceptably close to a protected name or a name registered for a horse whose year of foaling is within ten (10) years of that of the horse in question.1
  • Names which begin with a sign other than a letter.1
  • Prominent Company, Product or Trade Names except with the written approval of the Company or Body associated with the name. (Such approval may not be required where the name has an alternative meaning in common usage.)1
  • Names which would cause confusion in the administration of racing or betting.1
  • Names of well-known horses.1

The use of the definite or indefinite article does not constitute a different name.1